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The 10 Commandments

January 29, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

There is no need to buy expensive outfits and flashy items; well if you could afford them, then even better, but if not, you could use whatever is avaible but you just need to spend more time in front of the mirror and grab any fashion tips you could come across with.  Everybody has their own concept of fashion style, how to look good, principles of life and I want to share with you what  mines are and I believe if you can stick to them life just smiles at you and you can solve any issues. problems you come across with.

So, here are my 10 commandments of my fashion style life, you could add yours to them and any more worth-to-be-heard principles and easy-to-stick-with rules and different fashion tips would help others to have a good life.
So, here you go :-).  They are not in order of importance and priorities as they all have the same weight, the whole lot together constitute the 10 golden rules of my fashion style.

1. Admitting that you are beautiful in your own way, no matter what your fashion style is
2. Spend less wear more
3. Keep what you are wearing simple, remember too much styling always spoil the simplicity
4. Try to be elegant: the way you wear your clothes (fashion clothes or not), shoes, make up, hair styling and jewellery, accessories
5. Make sure you are dressed appropriately not just eager to wear fashion clothes with unbalanced accessories, with simplistic elegant hair styling
6. Do not blindly follow what others do, have your own style and originality
7. Always wear comfortable clothing and shoes, not necessarily fashion clothes
8. Ask yourself a question if your eyes are comfortable when in front of a mirror
9. Always think of a backup plan
10. And, last but not least no matter what’s going on smiling would make you feel good inside and look good outside.

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