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Winter on a bus

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I don’t know if you have noticed that when it’s winter and all the bus windows are shut there is absolutely no air circulating. Anyone as normal as they could be, would need some air, well, fresh air.  But can we afford to have that?  The answer is no.  If you spend your time around 3 hours a day (minimum time that is) back and forth on a bus then you would know exactly what I’m talking about.  We all are struggling to get going due to all sorts of reasons, but I believe there are some minimal necessities that everyone ought to respect each day when moving around other people.  And knowing how to live humanly with others around is the basis of a good life.

If you are having a little a bit of trouble being on a bus due to lack of fresh air:

  • do take some water with you before boarding the bus as obviously you would be starting to cough the more people get on a bus:
  • do arm yourself with a pack of tissue.  Well, if you don’t have any of those pocket tissue, then get some leaves from the kitchen tissue.  And again, if you don’t use them as life is getting harder and harder day by day and you cannot afford the “would-not-be-very-necessary”stuff”, then get some from a toilet tissue.  As long as they are clean and usable I think that’s all the matters.
  • do prepare yourself for taking off your coat while being on a bus, otherwise, all windows shut you will be sweating like a pig being sent to the killing field
  • do grab yourself some sweets from the local newsagent, normal ones and the-not-making-you-more coughing
  • do wear some sort of scarf to warm up you neck, well, Do do it if you are
    suffering from coughing already
  • do cover your mouth when you cough or if you feel a sneeze coming up put your pointer finger between the upper lip and the nose
  • do wear a deodorant (For goodness’ sake they cost only £1 nowadays)

Life is full of opposites so if there is any dos then the so-called donts exist as well.  Respecting the donts not only giving you the chance of allowing others to have a good life, but to be comfortable with your inner self as well.

  • don’t eat smelly food, it does not matter if windows are not shut; there are other people around you
  • don’t cough in the air, keep it to yourself and try to put your head down while you can’t stop it
  • don’t crash against and lie on top of other people if you are standing next to them.  Everyone needs to have a little space around them
  • don’t carry your bag on your back, you will only suffocate the person standing behind you
  • don’t talk loud on your mobile or play your music 100decibel; this actually applies all the time but worse is the winter time when coupled with the bus being so stuffed
  • don’t bury your head somewhere to avoid looking at that old lady struggling to stand there
  • don’t pretend to be busy and not seeing that mother with a little kid

Well, I am sure there are more dos and donts but those are the ones I come across so often, which sometimes really really makes me shout.  But, can I , of course not so, let me do my best here as everyone of us (not in principal but to be fair) deserves a good life, no matter what.

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